Pocket Folders

Pocket folders are also referred to as press kits, media kits, and presentation folders.

Folded Size: The standard in the U.S. is 9" x 12" to hold 8.5" x 11" sheets in the pocket.

Pocket Size: A 4" high pocket is common but pockets can be created to any height.

Pocket Options:
- One or two pockets.
- Horizontal or vertical pocket(s).
- Square, curved, or round-cornered pocket(s).
- Glued at one or both ends.

Capacity: The depth of the pocket. A pocket folder that folds at a single score or crease in the horizontal center will hold about 25 sheets of copy bond paper, and is referred to as "no capacity" because no extra depth is added. For bulkier contents, a double score is used to create deeper pockets. Typical capacity is 1/8" or 1/4". A double score is also made in the horizontal center of the flat sheet to create a "spine". If there are two pockets and each has a 1/8" capacity, the spine will be slightly more than double the capacity of one pocket so the folder closes evenly.

Paper: Thickness usually range between 10 point and 16 point. We recommend a minimum of 12 point and a maximum of 16 point. Either coated or uncoated paper can be selected, but coated paper should be sealed with a varnish or aqueous coating to minimize scuffing and fingerprinting when handled.

Business Card Slits: If requested, slits can be cut in one or both pockets and oriented either vertically or horizontally. Send along a couple of business cards that will be inserted into the slits so we can adjust the die for a proper fit. The card should be held securely without being too difficult to insert.

Glue Tabs: These are 3/4" extensions of the pockets that are folded over and glued to the main body of the folder. There should be no ink on the tabs or the area of the main body where the tabs will be affixed to facilitate gluing.

Ink: The folder can be printed on the outside only or both the inside and outside. Pockets can be unprinted or printed. If printed, the pockets are on the same side of the press sheet as the front of the folder so there is no additional cost. After printing, the pockets are scored and folded over to form pockets on the inside of the folder.

Some Other Options:
- A booklet can be stitched into the folder spine.
- Folders can be created with three or four pockets (multiple panels).
- CDs or DVDs can be held with die cut slits or glued posts.

Creating Folder Artwork:
- Make a paper dummy or mockup.
- Create a die line in Illustrator.
- Place type and artwork over the die line, and include bleeds.
- MGTL will make a two-sided digital proof, trimmed and folded to size for your approval before printing.
- As with any die cut project, the key is to check carefully at every step of the production process.
- Your MGTL account representative can provide paper dummies and show you printed samples of a variety of folder styles.