Paper: Uncoated

Uncoated finishes, in order from smoothest to roughest: English, machine, vellum, eggshell, and antique. Writing papers, including bonds, ledgers, and manillas, generally have finishes called cockle, glazed, machine, supercalendered, and vellum. The finishes used for cover paper include antique, machine, plate, supercalendered, and vellum. The principal finishes for bristols are antique, eggshell, plate, and vellum.

  • Antique: Paper with an off-white cream color or rough texture.
  • Deckled: Paper with an unfinished, feathered edge. When a deckle is required, there is often a lot of waste as only the sides of the sheet with the deckle can be utilitized.
  • Eggshell: A rough textured paper (smoother than antique finish).
  • Embossed: Finish or pattern applied off-line, after paper is made.
  • English: Smooth finish on uncoated book paper; smoother than eggshell, rougher than smooth.
  • Felt: Surface characteristics of paper formed at the wet end of a paper machine, using woven wool or synthetic felts with distinctive patterns to create a similar texture in the finish sheets.
  • Felt Side: Top side of paper as it is formed on the wire of a paper machine; the side recommended for best printing results.
  • Laid: A type of bond or book paper finish imprinted with evenly spaced parallel lines that are visible when the sheet is held up to the light. Laid lines are close together and run against the grain; chain lines are farther apart and run with the grain.
  • Linen: Finish that simulates linen cloth, used primarily on bond paper.
  • Machine Finish (MF): Smooth finish created during the papermaking process rather than as a separate manufacturing operation has a machine finish. Machine finish papers may be coated by machine on one or two sides.
  • Plate: A very smooth finish on bond, cover or bristol paper similar to the supercalendered finish on book paper.
  • Uncalendered: Rough surface. One of the final steps in paper manufacturing, the paper is squeezed between large rolls on the papermaking machine to give it a finish or texture.
  • Supercalendered (SC): paper is smooth and dense. Three grades: SCA highest clay content (22%+); SCB (15% clay content); SCC (little or no clay content).
  • Wire Side: Bottom side (side opposite the felt or top side).
  • Wove: Smooth finish (moderate calendering).