Paper: Selection

The paper industry has undergone many changes in the past few years. Mill mergers, consolidations, bankruptcies and restructuring have complicated paper buying.

MGTL can help you with the paper selection process by:

  • Loaning you swatch books from our continually updated library.
  • Providing paper dummies and samples.
  • Researching and suggesting appropriate papers based on your budget and objectives.
  • Checking anticipated future availability to assure the same paper can be obtained for reprints or related pieces.
A few tips on paper selection:
  • Does it offer a range of weights and sizes?
  • Is the stock available locally, or does it have to be ordered from the mill?
  • Is there a minimum order? This can make a small project very expensive.
  • Is it suitable for the printing or finishing processes that will be used?
  • Will matching envelopes be required? If so, are they available ready-made or must they be printed flat and converted?
  • Is the paper available in sizes that will cut efficiently and in the correct grain direction?
  • Are there comparable grades that are less expensive or more readily available?