Mount/Wrap/Laminate Printed Sheets

General Information:

  • Litho sheets must be protected with a coating when mounted or wrapped.
  • Foam or Gator board are typically used for displays; chipboard for folding cartons.
Gluing a printed sheet to a substrate. Some common substrates are:
  • Chip board; light weight, inexpensive.
  • Foam board (white and black, 3/16"), not as rigid as Gator® board. MGTL stocks white biodegradable foam board.
  • Gator® board (white and black; 3/16" or 1/2"); rigid but much heavier than foam board.
  • Sintra® (12 colors, 1mm to 19mm thicknesses); light weight, flexible PVC substrate.
Wrapping (litho labeling): Process of gluing a printed sheet (typically a 70# coated one-side label paper) to single-wall corrugated or similar substrate. Edges of the sheet are usually wrapped to conceal the substrate.

Laminating: Process of gluing 10- or 12-point printed board to single-face corrugated. Note that laminating a printed sheet to a substrate and film lamination are two different processes.