Ink Matching Systems

Focoltone: an abbreviation of the words "FOur COLor TONE" and a patented CMYK process color system designed to specify and manage color.

Hexachrome: A six-color process printing system developed by Pantone, Inc. In addition to four-color process using modified CMYK inks, orange and green were added as the fifth and sixth colors. With these six inks, Hexachrome is capable of accurately reproducing over 90% of the PMSĀ® colors, almost twice the number that can be obtained using conventional four-color process printing.

PMS (Pantone Matching System): First developed in the 1960s, the Pantone Matching System provides a standard reference for selecting, specifying, matching and controlling ink colors. The system uses 14 basic colors to create more than 1,100 solid, or spot, colors. Use the Pantone Color Bridge Guide when converting PMS colors to CMYK to predict how the color will actually print. Pantone letter codes: "C" = Coated, "U" = Uncoated, "M" = Matte, "CV" = Computer Video, "CV" = Computer Video Coated; "CVU" = Computer Video Uncoated, "P" = Process color, "S" = process color printed to SWOP specifications. The "CV" (Computer Video) designation denotes a color created from the Solid Color Guide for monitor display. To match from screen to print and from different applications, Pantone colors should be assigned exactly the same names in all application palettes (including the number and exact extension, if any).
2006 Pantone Update: CV, CVU and CVC no longer used. "PC" = Process Coated; "EC" = Euro Coated; both are solid-to-process conversions.

Toyo Color Finder Ink System: Ink matching system from Toyo Ink Manufacturing Company of Japan that is based on Japanese printing inks. Over 1,000 colors can be specified from this system including pastels, neons, and metallics. MGTL uses Toyo vegetable-based, solvent-free inks.

Trumatch: Matching system for selecting colors based on CMYK mixtures.