Estimate Request Checklist

This is the information MGTL will need in order to promptly respond to your request for a printing estimate:

  • Pre-Press: Will you supply print-ready files, or do you want MGTL to scan, color correct, or provide any other pre-press services?
  • Quantity(s).
  • Flat Size: Specify the flat (unfolded) size on any project that requires folding. For example, a 19.5" x 16" flat size pocket folder that folds to 9" x 12" tells us that it is a standard folder with a 4" pocket and no capacity.
  • Folded or Finished Size: Indicate both the flat and folded size (i.e., 17" x 11" flat; folds to 8.5" x 11").
  • Pages: Folded and stitched books must have a page count divisible by four (4-page, 8-page, 12-page, 16-page, etc.). Pages that are perfect bound or mechanically bound or inserted into a ring binder must be divisible by two. Make it clear to us if you are specifying "sheets" or "pages." "Sheets" are typically indicated for projects that can be bound in increments of two pages (i.e., perfect bound, Wire-O® or spiral bound, or inserted into a ring binder). "Pages" are indicated for projects that will be saddle stitched. A "sheet" is a single piece of paper that can have one page (if printed one side) or two pages (if printed two sides).
  • Self-Cover or Plus-Cover: If all the pages in a saddle stitched book are on the same paper, specify "Self-Cover". If the cover is on a different weight or type of paper, specify "Plus Cover". Example: 16-pages + cover (total of 20 pages).
  • Inks: For a 4-color job in process inks indicate "4/0 (process)" or "4/4 (process)" so it's clear that we are printing on either one side of the sheet (4/0) or both sides of the sheet (4/4). The "process" notation leaves no doubt that the job is CMYK and not four spot colors. When specifying spot colors, indicate the PMS numbers of each ink.
  • Paper: If you have a specific paper in mind, specify the name (McCoy, Classic Crest, etc.), weight (80# text, 100# cover, etc.), finish (gloss, dull, etc.) and color (Bright White, Natural, etc.) of the stock. If you would like us to recommend a paper just provide your general preferences (100# dull coated book, etc.).
  • Finishing: Specify finishing operations such as die cutting, foil stamping, embossing, engraving, etc. We prefer a PDF or color laser to accurately estimate finishing processes.
  • Bindery: Can the finished job be conveniently carton packed, or do you need it banded or shrink wrapped in bundles of a certain quantity, or otherwise packaged a certain way?
  • Due Date: Normal scheduling? Fixed date (i.e., for a meeting or presentation)? If the project is time-sensitive, would a partial delivery meet your needs?
  • Destination: In addition to "when" you need the job, we need to know "where". A project that delivers locally can be there shortly after it's completed. If it ships out of town or out of state, we need to include shipping time in the production schedule.
  • Complex Projects: If it's difficult to describe your project in writing, we should meet with you to review your requirements. We're always available to make sure your project starts off properly.