Design Considerations for Print

Good design will make or break a project, and we would strongly recommend that an agency or professional design firm be consulted if those resources are not available in your organization. MGTL does not provide design services, as there is such a wealth of design talent in Southern California. We can however, recommend a number of great resources ranging from independent designers to full-service studios and agencies.

We encourage you to get us involved in the design stage, as many potential production problems can be avoided before they require expensive solutions. Together we can strike the right balance between heart-stopping design and a heart-stopping budget.

Planning ahead:

  • Think backwards, starting with how the piece will be used.
  • Who is the end user? Usage influences paper selection, coating and binding.
  • How many? If they can be used, larger quantities are more cost effective.
  • Will the piece mail? If so, weight and dimensions are important considerations.
  • Will the piece require updating? This influences the choice of print process, quantity, and binding style.
  • How should it be packed? Carton, shrink-wrapped and boxed are some of the options.