Document Management and Archiving

We aren't finished with your project until it is organized and filed. If you would like copies of the final files on disk, let us know early in the process so your request is scheduled.

MGTL archiving procedures:

  • Projects are archived at the time they are invoiced.
  • If requested, a client disk is written at the time the project is archived.
  • We hold most digital files for three years.
  • Printed samples, proofs, hard copies, etc. are held for 18 months.
  • Extra images, logos, etc. not used in the project are held for 3 months.
Requesting copies of your files:
  • We consider working files to be the property of the party that paid the invoice.
  • The approval of the party that paid the invoice is required to release files to a third party.
  • MGTL does not charge for archiving, but does charge for retrieval.
File Management:
  • MGTL can organize, index, and store your files and images and provide a catalog on disk for reference. Discuss your needs with your MGTL account representative and we'll present a solution to meet your requirements.