Binders (3-Ring)

The following chart will give you a guide as to how large a ring you should order based on the number of sheets of paper you expect the binder to hold. These capacities are for Round Ring, D-Ring or Angle Ring binders and are based on 20# bond paper:

Capacity (Inside Diameter)
0.5" Ring size holds approximately 100 sheets
1.0" Ring size holds approximately 200 sheets
1.5" Ring size holds approximately 300 sheets
2.0" Ring size holds approximately 400 sheets
2.5" Ring size holds approximately 500 sheets
3.0" Ring size holds approximately 600 sheets

Sheets: A sheet is a single piece of paper. If a sheet is printed on one side it can be referred to as one page; if printed on two sides it is two pages. Fifty sheets printed two sides is 100 pages. Be careful not to confuse "sheets" and "pages" when submitting estimates or specifications.

Front Cover Art: Unless art bleeds, all images should be kept at least 3/16" away from the heat seal for vinyl binders and 1/4" away from edge of cover for poly binders. If art bleeds, allow 1/4" beyond edge of the cover.

Spine Art: Unless you are ordering a binder with concealed rivets, or a D-Ring binder, locate the art for spine at least 1/4" away from the rivet centers, and 3/16" away from the heat seal (unless art bleeds).

Note: The above information is a guide for preliminary planning. Please consult MGTL or your binder manufacturer for specific information based on the specs for your project.