Below are links to the primary paper mills for up-to-date paper specifications and information on their sustainability policies. Paper mills release a wealth of information on "green" issues, much of which we have on file and would be happy to share with you.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for assistance with paper selection, sample requests and environmental information. We have knowledgeable contacts at both the local merchants and the mills and would welcome the opportunity to assist you with finding a solution that is kind to the environment as well as your budget.

  • Domtar Corporation:
    Brands: Cougar, Domtar Color, Domtar Reply Card, Hots, Husky, Lynx
  • Finch Paper LLC:
    Brands: Finch Casa Opaque, Finch Fine, Finch Premium Blend, Finch Casa Opaque
  • International Paper:
    Brands: Accent Opaque, Carolina, Springhill
  • Monadnock Paper Mills, Inc.:
    Brands: Astrolite, Astrolite PC 100, Caress, Dulcett
  • Mohawk Fine Papers, Inc. :
    Brands: Carnival, Feltweave, Genesis, Knightkote, Kromekote, Magna Carta, Mohawk, Nekoosa, Outback, Passport, Pegasus, Proterra, Skytone, Solutions, Strathmore, Synergy
  • Neenah Paper Inc.:
    Brands: Classic Columns, Classic Cotton, Classic Crest, Classic Laid, Classic Linen, Coronado, Eames, Environment, Esse, Howard Linen, Oxford, Starwhite, Sundance, UV Ultra
  • Sappi Fine Paper North America:
    Brands: Flo, Lustro (LOE), McCoy, Opus