Pixels vs. Paper

Paper comes from a renewable resource: trees.

  • Every day the paper and forest products industry plants more than three times the number of trees than are harvested – paper is truly renewable and sustainable.
  • Electronic devices are typically made of plastics and other non-renewable resources and often contain chemicals and metals.

Paper vs. computers: compare energy consumption.

  • The amount of electricity to run a computer for only five months could produce enough paper for the average person to use for an entire year.

Paper is biodegradable and recyclable. Are computers?

  • Paper is biodegradable and nearly 60 percent of all paper in the U.S. is recycled.
  • Only 18 percent of all electronic devices are currently recycled and e-waste constitutes the single largest waste export in the U.S.


Source: International Paper's “Pixels vs. Paper,” Myths and Misconceptions brochure. For additional information: www.ipsustainability.com.